Sunday, June 21, 2015

DASH Faucet List - Updated

What is a Cryptocoin Faucet?

It is a site, that give away cryptocoin (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, DASH) to anybody ,that just give their wallet address. It aims at helping people new to the coin and get their first coins for free. Some faucets are funded by donations. Most are funded by Ads. None of them will give you more than a token amount of cryptocoins, maybe the equivalent of 1/2 penny per day. 15000 satoshi every 60 minutes. 3000 satoshi every 60 minutes. 1000 (95%), 4200 (4.7%), 20000 (0.1%), 100000 (< 0.1%) satoshi every 60 minutes. 25000 (1%), 10000 (3%), 5000 (5%), 2000 (10.1%), 1000 (30.3%), 500 (50.5%) duff every 720 minutes. 100 (8.8%), 200 (8.8%), 300 (79.6%), 400 (0.8%), 500 (0.8%), 1000 (0.8%) satoshi every 30 minutes. This free Dash Faucet helps anyone get started with Dash. Start by entering your Dash Address and correctly entering the reCaptcha. It’s that simple! You have the chance to receive between 200 Dash-satoshi to 1100 Dash-satoshi. The minimum time-frame between requests is 10 minutes. Minimal payout limit: 0.00100000 DASH. 100 (75%), 250 (20%), 500 (4%), 1000 (1%) satoshi every 60 minutes. 10000 (25%), 15000 (25%), 20000 (25%), 25000 (25%) satoshi every 60 minutes. The cleanest, easiest and most friendly DASH faucet in the World! 15000 (95%) 25000 (5%) DASH every 60 minutes. 8000 (50%), 10000 (49%), 12000 (1%) satoshi every 15 minutes. 10000 (70%), 15000 (20%), 20000 (10%) DASH satoshi every 180 minutes. 750 (46.9%), 1500 (28.1%), 3000 (14%), 5000 (9.3%), 7000 (0.9%), 10000 (0.4%) satoshi every 15 minutes. 2000 satoshi every 60 minutes. 7500 (90%), 10000 (10%) This free Dash Faucet helps anyone get started with Dashes. Start by entering your Dash Address and correctly entering the reCaptcha. It’s that simple! You have the chance to receive between 600 DASH to 5100 DASH. The minimum time-frame between requests is 15 minutes. Minimal payout limit: 0.00100000 DASH. 700 satoshi every 60 minutes.

Frequently Asqued Questions

Why giving away free coins?

Giving free coins is the best way to help people start using this currency. The more people gets in, the better for the community.

How many coins I will get?

The amount of coins given is completely random depending on the faucet funds and the network difficulty, you can get an idea by looking at the average payment.

I want to help but I don’t have coins.

By sharing this site in your social networks or forums is enough help for this site to get known.

DASH Faucet List - Updated

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Croatia arrests citizen of Liberland

Earlier in the day on Thursday, a member of the LSA was arrested by Croatian authorities inside of Liberland’s borders. According to the LSA, this is a violation of the Danube and Geneva Conventions. The man, Ulrik Grøssel Haagensen, had just arrived in Liberland after a long journey, according to the LSA.

The motives of Croatian police are unclear, but nearby citizens of Liberland immediately began to lobby them for his release. The tiny government of Liberland has stated that it will try to secure the release of its citizen by whatever means it must, though it hasn’t any police or army like does Croatia.

From the statement by the LSA:

The LSA is appealing to the regional delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross to ensure the humanitarian treatment of Haagensen in the notorious Croatian prisons, and to request the protection of the ICRC in the face of repeated and grave violations of the Geneva Conventions on the part of the Republic of Croatia. The Liberland government and the Danish embassy have been notified. Haagensen is a native of Denmark.

The status of Liberland remains unclear on many fronts, as the micro-nation has yet to be officially recognized by any of its neighbors. Likewise, it has received very little support except from a few libertarians worldwide. Its self-appointed president and its very existence has been considered a joke by many on more than one occasion.

The director of the LSA, Niklas Nikolajsen said:

We are rallying the whole greater Liberland organization and indeed the world to get Ulrik released by his abductors! We will be outside court tomorrow protesting, and Ulrik will be supported on the inside by our lawyer.

However, it is the first country of any sort to consider Bitcoin its national currency, and for this reason, the Bitcoin community has paid close attention to its development.


Croatia arrests citizen of Liberland

Bytecoin v1.0.4

Bytecoin version 1.0.4. The main part of the update is the Bytecoin RPC Wallet that substantially improves operation of third party applications and services in the Bytecoin network via RPC.

Thanks to RPC Wallet the merchandisers can easily connect their shops to the Bytecoin network and start automatically accepting payments. This service will also boost performance and simplify connecting exchanges and other third party services.

Main features of Bytecoin RPC Wallet:

We have paid much attention to Wallet efficiency. Bytecoin RPC Wallet requires small amount of RAM for operation.

Being cross-platform, RPC Wallet can run as a daemon (Linux/OS X) and as a service (Windows).

RPC Wallet is capable of processing 3 times the amount of transactions per second (tps) compared to our previous solution, the RPC Simplewallet. The total amount of tps is now 60.

RPC Wallet supports approximately 10,000 remote connections. It greatly simplifies connection management for 3rd party applications.

Bytecoin RPC Wallet provides you high-level security. It is impossible to get access to Wallet’s private keys via RPC.

Developer-friendly and minimalistic interface allows for flexible setting any required functions via RPC-requests.

RPC Wallet can start up an internal node of the network, or it can use external node in case you need to save resources.

The Bytecoin RPC Wallet is more flexible and functional than Simplewallet RPC interface, superseding it. Therefore, Simplewallet RPC interface will be deprecated later on.

The Bytecoin release 1.0.4 contains refactored and optimized daemon. It enhances code modularity and allows us to tremendously increase software test coverage. We have introduced a new multi-threading library that makes daemon behavior more predictable. It will be released as a stand-alone project later on. Moreover, we have improved console logging.

GUI Wallet has also been updated. Now it supports selection of color themes. It is also capable of flexible connection to remote daemon or start an in-process node.


Bytecoin v1.0.4

Litecoin v0.10.2.2

This is a major release of Litecoin Core, featuring the technical equivalent of Bitcoin v0.10.2 but with Litecoin specific patches.

On a general level, most of what is new is is hidden where block synchronization and various internals are considerably faster and more efficient, and it has several major privacy improvements. The most significant changes include:

Watch-only wallet support. This allows the wallet to track transactions to and form wallets for which you know the address of but do not have the private key to.

Faster blockchain synchronization due to headers-first synchronization and support for downloading blocks in parallel. Downloading the blockchain is now much quicker and can be completed within a few hours instead of taking days for some users.

A REST interface which allows unauthenticated access to public node data when the -rest flag is specified.

RPC Server “Warm-Up” Mode which starts earlier than previous versions. This helps users or services relying on it know that the server has already started and will be available soon.

Improved signing security. This is due to using the libsecp256k1 library for signing instead of OpenSSL. libsecp256k1 is a cryptographic library optimized for elliptic curve uses which Litecoin relies on and was created by Bitcoin Core developer Pieter Wuille. Featuring better security, via hardening against timing leaks and derandomization, this library is believed to be better tested and more thoroughly reviewed than the implementation in OpenSSL.

New utility applications including litecoin-tx for transaction related functionality and litecoin-cli for RPC command line functionality as litecoind no longer accepts them.

Strict DER encoding for signatures (BIP 66). This introduces block version 3 and a new consensus rule which prevents non-standard transactions from being included in blocks. This also removes the dependency on OpenSSL’s signature parsing. Eventually, libsecp256k1 will be used for all consensus related tasks, depreciating the need for OpenSSL entirely.

The major user-visible features that were new in Bitcoin v0.9 and v0.10 are not actually new for Litecoin v0.10 because we backported it to Litecoin v0.8 (like Coin Control).

For a complete list of Litecoin Core specific changes, you can view the release notes here.

For a complete list of Bitcoin Core specific changes, you can view the release notes here.

What’s New in version v0.10.2.2?

Litecoin v0.10.2.2 is a minor release from the previous release candidate, featuring improvements and bug fixes. The changes can be seen below:

Added option -alerts’ to opt out of the network alert system. Please note that disabling network alerts should only be used by power users as this system is used for network emergencies and important security releases. The default behavior is that network alerts are enabled.

Detect and reject LibreSSL. This prevents a non-approved SSL library being used for compiling Litecoin Core, preventing potential consensus compatibility issues.

Improved getbalance RPC functionality to allow the user to display zero confirmation transactions (this works with watch-only addresses as well).

PID file bug fix for non-Windows based systems.

Bug fix for signing and verifying messages.

New GPG Signing Process

To enhance the security of Litecoin Core releases, we have changed the GPG signing procedure and opted for one of the Litecoin development team members to individually sign the release binaries.

Prior to this, we used a team signing key. The problem with this is that if the key were to be compromised, we would not be able to identify the member of who it was obtained from. Switching to this new procedure allows us to pinpoint the leak, revoke the individual key and leads to further decentralization of the build process.

As with any release, please use GPG to verify the integrity of the release binaries. This ensures that the binary you have downloaded has not been tampered with. Linux, MacOS and Win32 cygwin command line GPG instructions are available here. Please also note that we GPG sign the binaries as a convenience to you, the ultimate way to verify the integrity of the builds is to build them yourself using Gitian.


Litecoin v0.10.2.2

Crypti v0.3.0 - Aphrodite

The Crypti Foundation hereby proudly announces the release of v0.3.0, codename: Aphrodite. It’s the second major release, with the first one being v0.2.0 alias Chronos.

With Aphrodite comes a complete new user interface and many awesome new features. This delivers an unseen user experience and we hope that you like this release as much as we!

One of the new features are usernames, which acts like an alias for your Crypti address. Long and confusing Crypti addresses are history. Additionally you can now add contacts to your Crypti account, which are saved on the blockchain. Where ever you go, you can now send XCR with a few simple clicks to your friends.


Revamped the complete user interface and user experience

It follows the material design guidelines.

Will be expanded and enhanced from time-to-time, with every coming release.

SSL support for your public node

This makes it secure for the users to use public nodes.

You should never use any public node, which doesn’t have a https connection.


You can now register your very own username, which also acts as an alias for your account ID.

I.e. you can send money to “Max” instead of “6739239032906543334C”.

Usernames are unique and can’t be changed right now.


The contacts are saved on the blockchain.

This allows you to access contacts from everywhere and any device.

If both parties are connected, there is a friendship-like connection then, which can be used for account verification/trust/reputation.

Version Control

Auto detection of a newer Crypti client version with a link to the newest download.


Today we only release the full client, as the lite client still needs some more work. It downloads the whole blockchain, so prepare some space for it.

Attention! Already with v0.2.0 there were issues with forging on Windows operation systems, the problem was that the Windows time servers were very unreliable and inaccurate. Therefore you will not be able to run a delegate on a Windows operation system anymore. Additionally we also deactivated this functionality on Mac OS, as it’s not very practical to run a delegate from a Mac. That means you have to use Linux nodes from now on.

To all delegates: This update is mandatory! You have to update your nodes as soon as possible! There is also currently a problem with the forging button. Red means that your client is NOT forging. Green means it’s forging. We will change it as soon as possible. Thank you.


Crypti v0.3.0 - Aphrodite

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


One of the best ways to get Bitcoin into the hands of as many people as possible is by combining a learning experience with a reward system. BitForTip is a newly launched platform, which will get you paid for answering people’s questions. Along the way, you might even learn a thing or two, making this a very fun experience for novice Bitcoin users.

Many people around the world struggle with the concept of obtaining their first piece of a Bitcoin. That is mostly because of a lack of education in this area; everyone assumes you have to buy Bitcoin to get some. But there are other alternatives as well, which do not require you to buy anything. The only cost involved is a bit of your time.

If you are truly interested in Bitcoin and digital currency, there is no better way to go about it than by reading up and learning new things on a daily basis. BitforTip will let you do exactly that, as you can ask any question about anything you want to know, and reward the best answer with a small Bitcoin tip.

This platform also works the other way around, too, as you can put your knowledge and expertise to good use by answering other people’s questions. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of a Bitcoin tip shortly. To make it even more interesting, not all questions and answers have to relate to Bitcoin itself, but they are more common than others.

To post your first question, your account will need to be funded with a very tiny amount of Bitcoin. The amount of your balance can be used to reward the person with the most valuable answer to your question. Once you have found the most fitting answer to your question, simply release the reward from your balance, and you are all done.

n its current form, the BitForTip website is easy on the eyes, even though it may appear borderline bland. There are quite a few questions listed already, and it will be interesting to see whether or not more and more people will begin using this platform. We need more educational platforms that are tied to Bitcoin and digital currency, making BitForTip a welcome addition to that list.

As this platform grows, there is a lot of potential in store for BitForTip. However, this service is facing stiff competition from the likes of ZapChain, which has a much larger user base at this time. That being said, the BitForTip developer is planning to create a mobile application for both Android and iOS in the future.




Friday, May 8, 2015

11.2 - Dash Release

This is the first Dash release and it’s huge!

The team has been hard at work for over 2 months on improving various parts of the core client. The client should overall be much faster to use, require less bandwidth, will require a level-of-service from masternodes, perform Darksend transactions faster and has a new beautiful look and feel.

All users must update!

This includes protocol changes, so all users must update. Enforcement will be turned off briefly while the network updates, then turned on when we hit 80% in a day or two. Older version masternodes will cease to be paid immediately due to the incompatibility of the protocol!

Another special thanks to UdjinM6 for writing a really nice masternode management system. You can check it out here:

This module makes it much faster to restart a node, because it won’t have to request the masternode list every time. It also keeps a record of the DS variables, which will make the network much more harder to trick.

Configurations Have Been Moved!

Configurations have been moved from .darkcoin to .dash! You’ll need to do the following when updating your client. First close Darkcoin and backup your data directory.

Windows: %APPDATA%\Darkcoin\

Mac OS: ~/Library/Application Support/Darkcoin/

Unix/Linux: ~/.darkcoin/

After that rename it to Dash for Windows/Mac, or .dash for linux. Next go open the directory and locate the darkcoin.conf file, rename this to dash.conf.

Next, simply update to the newest Dash client and restart.

Other new things in this release:

Proof-of-service (PoSe), all masternodes MUST have their port opened correctly, otherwise they will be removed. This also checks to make sure masternodes are responding to work requests such as InstantX. This basically will ensure that all nodes are on the same fork and their network functionality is working properly. This was implemented so that the part of the masternode network checks another part of the network, so it’s 100% decentralized.

New command “masternode list pose”, shows all of the masternodes PoSe scores, good for debugging if your masternode is getting punished for not providing proper service.

New DarkSend caching, which improves the experience of using DarkSend vastly

Masternode Blinding is NOT part of this release, while it’s in the code, it’s currently disabled. It’ll take a bit more work to complete and we were running out of time before the March 25th deadline, so it’s being moved to the next release.

Thanks to PoSe, InstantX should work nearly all of the time now.

New masternode voting system for new Dash initiates, each masternode gets one vote. See the new commands “masternode list votes” and “masternode vote yea|nay”. First vote, what color is this dress : ? Blue and Black (yea) or White and Gold (nay)

Full release notes:

v0.11.2.22 – Downloads

Thanks for helping with this release:




-Propulsion, for maintaining our great forums we tested on

-Flare for setting up Transifex again

-All of those who helped translate the new version

Our awesome testers this release:

AjM,Moli, Tante, Lariondos, xxxsexygirls, Sub-Ether, Moocowmoo, AlexMomo

Bridgewater, elbereth, HowlingMad, JPCrypto, the-baker, Lukas_Jackson

coingun, darkred, MangledBlue, yikadee


11.2 - Dash Release